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Creators - Direct Acquisition Marketing


Kinguin has relied on us to activate content creators around the world to make some incredibly fun and engaging content focused on some of this year’s hottest AAA games and events. In each of our campaigns, our strategy was to make eye catching, scroll stopping images that integrated the creators themselves with Kinguin’s iconic cartoon mascot. We achieved this goal by creating a synergy between the mascot and the creators: who would dress up in costumes relating to the games (Jedi, for Star Wars Fallen Order. Black Ops, for Call of Duty…etc) while we created a relevant iteration of the mascot (Penguin Yoda, Commando Penguin… etc). 


Our Flagship Product

In esports, the meta denotes the current state of how the game is being played. It is, by definition, the most current and relevant winning strategy. Our In-Meta Marketing® products leverage community-specific content creators, media strategy, amplified ads, and content optimization, to guarantee the most efficient and ROI-driven esports marketing strategies. We recommend this product to brands new to the world of esports, or to companies strongly invested in the space and aiming to sharpen their market presence.


  • Amplification strategy and optimization
  • Creator engagement and selection
  • Campaign coordination and management
  • Usage rights acquisition
  • Post production platform optimization


  • New entrants in esports
  • CPG Brands
  • Entertainment Companies