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Creators & Media Buying


To celebrate a new update to the popular YuGiOh! Duel Links game we Stacked the Deck for this campaign with a variety of popular YouTube content creators, and sent them on an epic quest to take over New York Comic Con. Each creator produced a variety of collaborative content where they battled against one another, against pro players, and shook up the convention floor at the Konami booth by surprising fans of their channels. By selecting content creators with closely related yet different interests, we were able to reach and engage a wider viewership base, activating both previous and new players to the franchise. 


Our Flagship Product

In esports, the meta denotes the current state of how the game is being played. It is, by definition, the most current and relevant winning strategy. Our In-Meta Marketing® products leverage community-specific content creators, media strategy, amplified ads, and content optimization, to guarantee the most efficient and ROI-driven esports marketing strategies. We recommend this product to brands new to the world of esports, or to companies strongly invested in the space and aiming to sharpen their market presence.


  • Amplification strategy and optimization
  • Creator engagement and selection
  • Campaign coordination and management
  • Usage rights acquisition
  • Post production platform optimization


  • New entrants in esports
  • CPG Brands
  • Entertainment Companies