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2021 Creative Media Award Finalists

As a trusted innovation partner for P&G, United Esports is proud to work closely with Tide to bring their superior line of products to the 18-34 year old demo in fun and engaging new ways. The Tide Laundry Trials are a multifaceted ongoing campaign stretching across the gaming ecosystem, bringing top tier personalities together to participate in a head-to-head competition where the losers have to do the winner’s laundry. Luckily with Tide Pods Ultra Oxi 4 in 1 products, there really is no loser in laundry! The audience response to this unique programming was overwhelmingly positive, as viewers actively engaged with countless hours of branded content, and cheered on their “home-team hero” throughout the competition. The launch of the Tide Laundry Trials marks a monumental step into the esports & gaming space for Tide, and the success of this ongoing campaign has paved the way for continued growth within the space for both Tide, and other P&G brands.


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