We proudly boast the best 360 offerings in the esports & gaming space. These offerings were specifically designed to engage the esports & gaming audience on every streaming service, social platform, and location across the globe. And our unparalleled pilot program for new clients allows our proprietary marketing strategies to be combined to maximize efficiencies allowing ultimate campaign flexibility.



To celebrate a new update to the popular YuGiOh! Duel Links game, we sent a variety of popular YouTube content creators on an epic quest to take over New York Comic Con! Each creator produced content where they battled against one another, against pro players, and shook up the convention floor as they surprised fans of their channels. By selecting creators with closely related, yet different interests, we successfully reached a wide audience and engaged both seasoned and new players.


Kinguin partnered with us to activate top tier content creators around the world to create incredibly fun and engaging social content focused on this year’s biggest AAA games. We worked hand in hand with each creator to make customized scroll-stopping content unique to each audience, allowing for maximum engagement and successfully selling out Kinguin’s inventory within hours of the campaign going live. 


Showcasing the power of our local offering, we focused on putting Samsung’s superior products directly into the hands of consumers. The Samsung experience is unparalleled in quality and clarity, and we made sure everyone could experience it firsthand while enjoying their favorite games. 


High Road Craft Ice Cream partnered with us for the exciting launch of their newest product line, Wallops! Taking full advantage of our unique pilot program for new brands to the gaming space, we worked with Wallops! to activate some of the most fun and positive personalities in the gaming space to create content that was just as silly and ridiculous as this amazing triple-threat treat!


Cyber security is a near and dear topic to the esports & gaming audience, so when Dashlane partnered with us to engage this audience as part of their rebranding efforts launching during football’s biggest game of the year, we found the most trusted names in gaming to help spread the word. Testimonial style content works best when the stories are relatable and sincere. That’s exactly what we delivered, carefully vetting the best personalities across the gaming sphere to recount their worst hacks, and show how Dashlane’s services are specifically built to prevent such disasters.

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The topic of sexual health and fertility is not an easy one for young men. By creating a suite of content focused on different narratives, from comedy to educational, we engaged the core demographics within esports & gaming: men 18 to 34. As Dadi’s agency of record for esports, we devised and activated strategies in media buying, content production, social PPC, as well as Influencer marketing. Our campaign efforts resulted in significant site traffic increase and a considerable reduction in customer acquisition costs.


Our Halloween Stream campaign was a huge success, running strategically during the pre-Halloween hype season to maximize brand interest for our partner. By creating a carefully timed special event stream across Twitch’s landscape, we drove genuine interest for our branded content, and earned extremely positive sentiments and engagements for our partner within the gaming space.