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The DLC Drop: Felix LaHaye with John Davidson

Solving an issue, a community is struggling with is an excellent way of assuring success in that particular space, yet it's not the only way. As long as you get the audience's tone correctly, you can do a great job at entertaining, and you'll still manage to achieve great success.

Felix Lahaye joins us today, among many other things, to help us understand better the intricate relationship between brands and their target audiences. He is the Founder of United Esports and Co-founder of Open Influence (formerly InstaBrand), the first-ever influencer marketing company.

Felix is also a Keynote Speaker, Inc. & Forbes 30 Under 30, and esports and marketing investor.

We have a fantastic conversation about the evolution of influencer marketing, the main differences between its original version and how we know it today, and what makes it successful in today's market. Felix shared bits of his journey, his passion for music and gaming, his unique view on marketing, and the right way to connect with target audiences. Plus, we talk about meltdown bars, a concept that is gaining momentum worldwide and is growing rapidly in the US.


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