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What Is Advergame Marketing?

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Advergame marketing, also known as advergaming marketing, is a strategic technique that leverages the engaging power of games to promote and advertise brands. Here, we delve into the intricacies of this cutting-edge strategy, examining how it can be harnessed to effectively showcase your brand in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. Join us as we uncover the exciting world where gaming and advertising converge to elevate your brand presence.

Using Games to Advertise Your Brand

Advergame marketing is a cutting-edge strategy that leverages video games or interactive online games to promote brands, products, or services. Unlike traditional advertising, advergames immerse consumers in an interactive experience, creating a memorable and engaging connection between the audience and the brand.

These games are strategically designed to entertain while subtly incorporating promotional content. By integrating branded content into interactive games, businesses can captivate their audience, foster brand awareness, and forge a memorable connection with consumers. The goal is not just to advertise but to create a positive and lasting impression, fostering brand loyalty through the gaming experience.

Main Types of Advergaming

Advergames come in various forms to promote brand awareness and engagement. The three main types of advergames cater to different strategies and preferences:

1. Full Games for Computers or Mobile Devices

  • Description: Involves creating complete games for computers or mobile devices with seamless brand integration, financially supported by the sponsoring company.

  • Objective: Focuses on enhancing brand awareness by immersing players in a full gaming experience, aiming to build strong client relationships through a friendly advertising approach.

2. Branded Mini-Games

  • Description: Designed to increase brand awareness and customer engagement, these games are integrated into websites to encourage users to spend more time on the site.

  • Objective: Aims to enhance brand awareness and foster customer interaction through short gaming experiences that leave a lasting impression, creating a positive brand association.

3. Placement of Advertising into Existing Games

  • Description: Also known as below-the-line advergaming advertising technique, this approach involves placing advertisements within already existing games, essentially through product placement.

  • Objective: Companies leverage popular games to reach a wide audience, continuously reinforcing brand or product awareness. This strategic placement of brand logos or products within the game contributes to increased responsiveness from players.

The Rise of Advergame Marketing in Esports

These games are strategically designed to entertain while subtly incorporating promotional content. Brands create games that align with their identity, weaving in elements that resonate with their target audience. The goal is not just to advertise but to create a positive and lasting impression, fostering brand loyalty through the gaming experience.

Advergaming in Esports involves creating games that align with the themes of popular competitive titles. From in-game items to branded tournaments, advertisers seamlessly integrate their messaging into the gaming experience, capturing the attention of players and viewers alike.

Esports sponsorships are not limited to traditional avenues. Advergame marketing opens new doors for brands to sponsor in-game events, collaborate on exclusive content, and create branded challenges. These collaborations not only enhance brand visibility but also contribute to the overall gaming experience.

Why Advergame Marketing in Esports Works

Targeted Engagement

Esports enthusiasts are a dedicated and passionate community. Advergame marketing allows brands to tap into this passion by delivering targeted and immersive content directly within the gaming environment. The result is a more personalized and resonant form of engagement.

Extended Reach

With Esports gaining global traction, brands employing advergame marketing can extend their reach beyond traditional advertising channels. The interconnected nature of online gaming enables businesses to connect with diverse audiences, fostering a global brand presence.

Metrics for Success

Advergaming in Esports provides measurable metrics for success. From tracking in-game engagement to monitoring social media buzz during branded events, businesses can gauge the impact of their advergame marketing campaigns and refine strategies for optimal results.

How To Know If Your Brand Can Benefit From Advergaming Marketing

To determine if your brand could benefit from an advergaming strategy, consider the following criteria:

Focus on Branding, Not Just Ads

Advergaming goes beyond traditional advertising. It revolves around making the brand the central theme of the game, showcasing the particularities of the company, its products, or services.

Voluntary User Interaction

Advergames thrive on voluntary interaction. Players willingly engage with the game, fully aware that it's created by a brand. This non-intrusive approach fosters a positive connection with the audience.

Incentives and Rewards

While not mandatory, many brands offer rewards to players, such as discounts, prizes, or incentives for purchases or subscriptions. This can enhance user engagement and create a more favorable perception of the brand.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Advergames have proven to be effective in increasing brand awareness. The goal is not immediate conversion but ensuring that the brand stays top-of-mind for users, potentially leading to future interactions.

Versatility Across Industries

Advergames are versatile and applicable to all industries and markets. Whether your brand sells food, beauty products, or legal advice, the success of advergames depends on the design and enjoyment factor for users.

Long-Term Impact

Unlike traditional ads that fade away after campaigns end, advergames persist on users' devices. This prolonged exposure serves as a constant reminder of the brand's fun and engaging content, maintaining attention even as an advertising strategy.

Diverse Demographic Appeal

Contrary to the misconception that video game campaigns only attract young men, advergames have proven to reach diverse demographic groups. Successful integration relies on creative thinking and thorough research during game design.

Pros & Cons of Advergame Marketing

While advergame marketing offers various advantages, it comes with its set of challenges. Here's an overview of the pros and cons:


  • Engaging User Experience

  • Extended Brand Exposure

  • Versatility Across Industries

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness

  • Appeal to Diverse Demographics


  • Complex Development Process

  • Risk of Misalignment with Brand Image

  • Limited Control Over User Experience

  • High Initial Investment

  • Dependency on Technological Platforms

Advergame marketing for video games

Achieving Advertising Success in Advergaming

By incorporating these tips into your advergaming advertising strategy, you can enhance audience engagement and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Understand Your Audience

The foundation of successful advertising in advergaming lies in a deep understanding of your audience. Collect comprehensive data on their geographic, demographic, and behavioral characteristics. Identify the types of games that resonate with them, ensuring your advertising efforts align with their interests.

Select Multiple Ad Networks

To maximize customer attention, it's advisable to diversify your approach by selecting multiple ad networks. Since your target audience may be dispersed across various platforms and segments, relying on a single ad network might not meet all your requirements. Streamline this process by leveraging ad mediation platforms to automate the selection of networks catering to different segments of your audience.

Provide an Enhanced Gaming Experience

A key aspect of successful advergaming advertising is to prioritize the gaming experience for users. Avoid intrusive full-screen banner ads during gameplay, as users generally dislike disruptions. As a marketer or advertiser, your objective is to strategically place ads on screens without interfering with the enjoyment of the game. Enhancing the overall gaming experience ensures a positive reception of your advertisements.

Avoid Forcing Users to Leave the Game

Maintaining a positive User Experience (UX) is essential for effective advergaming advertising. Avoid frustrating users by ensuring that clicking on your ads doesn't force them out of the game. Interrupting the gameplay experience can be irritating, especially if users accidentally click on an ad. Strive to seamlessly integrate ads without disrupting the flow of the game, contributing to a more enjoyable user interaction.

Real-World Examples of Advergame Marketing 

Zool (90s): Seamless Integration of Promotional Content

In the 90s, Zool emerged as a trailblazer in advergaming, showcasing the potential for seamlessly integrating promotional content within existing games. Zool, a side-scrolling platformer, skillfully incorporated promotional elements without compromising the gameplay experience. 

The game featured branded content in a way that felt natural and non-disruptive, setting a precedent for future advergame marketing. Zool's success demonstrated that strategic integration of advertising can enhance the overall gaming experience and create a positive association between the brand and the game.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Ongoing Relevance of Advergaming

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe serves as a contemporary example of advergaming marketing, reaffirming the ongoing relevance and effectiveness of this strategy. In this popular racing game, advertising is seamlessly woven into the gaming experience, showcasing products or collaborations within the virtual world. The integration is subtle and aligns with the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Mario Kart series. 

This example highlights how even in modern gaming environments, advergaming continues to be a powerful tool for brands to engage with a massive audience. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe exemplifies the adaptability of advergame marketing to contemporary gaming trends and reinforces its potential for building brand awareness in the gaming community.

Need Help With Your Advergaming Strategy? Contact United Esports Today

In the rapidly evolving landscape of advergaming, United Esports stands as your premier partner in crafting innovative and effective strategies. Our comprehensive suite of services, ranging from creatives and marketing to production and content, along with our extensive network of skilled streamers and gaming talent, positions us as industry leaders. 

If you're seeking unparalleled expertise to elevate your advergaming approach, look no further. Contact us today to embark on a journey of success, where your brand seamlessly integrates with the gaming world, capturing the attention of your target audience. United Esports is not just a solution; we are your strategic ally in navigating the world of advergaming.


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Advergaming offers a more immersive and engaging experience for users, creating memorable interactions that traditional methods may not achieve. It leverages the popularity of gaming culture to reach a wider and more diverse audience.

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