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Web3 game Apeiron partners with TALON and United Esports

Web3 game Apeiron has announced a partnership with esports agency United Esports and Hong Kong esports organisation TALON for a $30,000 (~£23,800) tournament in the game.

The tournament, which will be held in April 2024, will see leading players participate to showcase Apeiron’s esports and player-versus-player capabilities.

Apeiron is a game that combines roguelite, card game and auto battler elements, with a strong emphasis on competitive play. The game is developed by Foonie Magus, a Hong Kong-based Web3 company. The free-to-play game is available on several platforms including MacOS and Windows, with mobile versions also being developed.

The partnership with TALON and United Esports focuses on creating an esports tournament that will include several notable professional esports players. These include current League of Legends coach for PSG Talon, Tsai ‘GreenTea’ Shang-Ching, TeamFightTactics player Robin ‘RobinSongz’ Sung, and several content creators, analysts and other esports personalities.

They will be joined by Web3 players such as METAT8 Esports founder Elijah Flowers, Axie Infinity player and former Dota 2 professional player Sivatheeban ‘1437’ Sivanathapillai and several Web3 gaming content creators.  

The tournament will feature two conferences, with the Eastern conference featuring Asian countries and players and the Western featuring players from the Americas. Participation in the tournament is invite-only, with no qualifiers taking place.

Jazz Tham, Co-Founder of TALON, said: “The appetite and opportunity for esports within the Web3 space continue to grow and what we love about Apeiron is that it has a low floor making it easy to come in and play, but a high ceiling for experienced players to grow into their mastery of the game.”


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